The Southern California Medical Museum


Donor List

The Southern California Medical Museum would like to thank the many donors who over the years have made it possible for us to continue to serve the community with exhibits and educational programs. The Friends of the Southern California Medical Museum help us to accomplish our goals of preserving medical history, providing school tours, displaying of medical artifacts, providing a library for historical research and educational programs. Here we recognize the contributions of the Friends of SCMM and sponsors of our museum.

The Dr. Merlin A. Hendrickson Endowment Fund Donors:

Joseph Dotan, MD,  Thomas E. Gibson, MD,  Merlin A. Hendrickson, MD,  Drs. Raymond & Marilyn Herber,  Hinterland Pediatric Society,  Robert D. Mitchell, MD,  Frank W. Norman, MD,  Mildred A.R. Stilson, MD

Friends of the Museum Donors:

Platinum Benefactors ($5,000+):

Merlin A. Hendrickson, MD,  Drs. Raymond & Marilyn Herber,  Ralph M. Kleinman, MD,  Finis E. Wiggins, MD

Gold Benefactors ($1,000-$4,999):

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Ballard,  Drs. Ron & Susan Bangasser,  Maxwell E. Goldstein, MD,  Abram Hodes, MD,  Frederick H. Hull, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. Irvin N. Kuhn,  Y. Joe Kwon, MD,  Frank C. Melone, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. Robert Mitchell,  Dr. & Mrs. Gary Schwartz,  Drs. Donald & Mildred Stilson

Benefactors ($500-$999):

Ross Ballard, MD,  Evelyn “Pinky” Brier,  Dr. & Mrs. Victor Ching,  Theodore M. Cohen, MD,  Mrs. William L. Cover,  Bert J. (Hans) Davidson, MD,  Thomas Gibson, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. Gebre Gobezie,  Dr. & Mrs. Harold Hill,  Dr. & Mrs. Carl Jansen,  Stanley Korfmacher, MD,  Thelma Korpman, MD,  Kenneth C. Lane, MD,  John D. McAllister, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. Wendell Moseley,  Dr. & Mrs. Boyd Nies,  Horace D. Orr, MD,  Wayne Scott, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. Roger Smith,  Myron J. Talbert, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Tarter,  Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Weaver,  Elliot Weinstein, MD,  Eugene A. White, MD

Patrons ($250-$499):

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Blight,  Peggy Fritzsche, MD,  Bernie Goler, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert Kitching,  Sam Knappenberger, MD,  Frank W. Norman, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. Owen O’Connor,  Jack Schwartz, MD,  Bruce M. Shepard, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. John Sponsler,  Dr. & Mrs. John Sullivan,  Jerome T. Taurek, MD

Supporters ($100-$249):

Sue Bradshaw,  Nicholas Cataldo,  Samuel Cherny, MD,  I. Hunter Crittenden, MD,  Joseph Dotan, MD,  Judith K. Fulton, MD,  Ronald Gabrielson, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Gorenberg,  Fred Gutenkunst, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. J. Raymond Harrie,  Wilfred (Bill) C. Lemann,  Lawrence D. Longo, MD,  Dr. & Mrs. Elliot Meltzer,  Hurley Robinson, MD,  Carrol S. Small, MD,  George Spelman, MD,  James R. Valdez, Jr.,  Stephen Wierzbinski, MD,  Rodney E. Willard, MD,  Richard Wilson, MD

Friends ($25-$99):

Rose Andrada,  Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Bradshaw,  Robert Clinton,  William Clover, MD,  Robert H. Crawford, MD,  Helen DeLeon,  Edmund DuVall, MD,  John Ferguson,  Richard Frankenstein, MD,  Dev GnanaDev, MD.  Dorothy L. Gates,  Dorothy Gibson,  Richard M. Goldberg, MD,  W. Benson Harer, MD,  Virginia Henderson,  Loretta Hendrickson,  Ms. Horrath,  Ellen Ko, MD,  Klaus Kuehn,  Michael Lerner.  Mary H. McCombs,  Jerry Mihld,  Errolyn Nyswonger,  Everett Olenick, MD,  Chuck Palmer,  Lisa Perry-Gilkes, MD,  Christine L. Pinckert,  Paul J. Rohrer, MD,  Walter C. Schuiling,  Gary H. Schwartz, MD,  William Sharra, MD,  Dorothy Singer,  Carol Wolf Speck,  Linda Stratton,  Nguyen N. Thong, MD,  Richard C. Thorsen, MD,  Bernard Tilton, MD,  Susan B. Tully, MD,  Linda Vais

Corporate Sponsorship  Donors:

Corporate Supporters ($1000+):

Community Hospital of San Bernardino,  Loma Linda University,  Los Angeles County Medical Association,  Redlands Community Hospital Medical Staff,  St. Bernardine Medical Center Medical Staff

Corporate Supporters ($100-$999):

Forest Pharmaceuticals,  Merck & Company, Inc.,  Novartis Pharmaceutical,  San Antonio Community Hospital,  SBCMC Educational Foundation,  SBCMS Alliance,  SCS (Sankyo) Healthcare,  Southern California Permanente Medical Group – Fontana

Please make all checks payable to the PMGBF-Medical Museum and indicate if your donation is for the museum operating funds or endowment. The Physicians Memorial Gift and Benevolence Fund (PMGBF) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization (Tax ID #33-0219397.) All donations are tax deductible to the full extent as permitted by law.

Send your check (with identifying information) to:

Southern California Medical Museum

3993 Jurupa Avenue Suite #102 Riverside, California 92506